About New Version 9

teamviewer_9_versionTeamViewer is the most popular desktop sharing tool with which you can remotely access others computers. It allows you access PCs of your friends, family, and business clients from your own PC or laptop.

The best thing about this software is that it is extremely easy to use and you don’t need to configure any advanced settings in your PC. In addition to giving you a faster and easier access to remote computers, this utility carries a bunch of helpful features.

TeamViewer continues to set new benchmarks with latest innovations. Now, the latest release TeamViewer 9 is the next sequence of this awesome utility. It provides you with several handy tools to control remote PC and conduct virtual meetings, both are important if your business clients are widespread, across different locations in the world.

With version 9, you can now access remote computers simply with your Apple, Windows and Android gadget. Read on to know the incredible features of TeamViewer 9.

  1. Supports Multiple Connection

Just like you open different websites in browsers, you can now open many remote connections in different tabs. You can open all these sessions in separate tabs. It won’t let you miss any activity on remote PC because it flashes each time the new activity takes place on the remote machine.

  1. Two-factor Authentication System

The two-factor authentication system allows you protect your TeamViewer in more efficient manner. In addition to password, you have to create a security code with the reputable verification app, Google Authenticator, with your smartphone. Your TeamViewer will request for both, password and security code during login.

  1. Redesigned for Easier Usage

The newest TeamViewer is fully redesigned to give seamless experience to users. They have changed the user interface and design of ‘Computers & Contacts’. Windows 8 users can experience innovative touch-friendly design. The essential buttons automatically gets converted when you start using the TeamViewer in touch device.

  1. Improved Notification System

When the new notification is available, TeamViewer will directly inform you in the ‘Computers & Contacts’ list. You can see all your notifications in a glance and stay informed always.

The notifications will display –

  • New service cases
  • The new contact requests
  • Service cases assigned for you
  • Notifications about the TeamViewer monitoring checks
  1. Use Desktop Shortcut To Quickly Set-up New Connections

You can add shortcuts to your connections, so that you can open them anytime within a blink of an eye. Use the ‘drag and drop’ feature to add specific computer to the desktop, and then just double-click on it to open connection.

TeamViewer 9 is so flexible that the same setup can be used on both Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mavericks OS. In addition to the above features, the application allows you to:

  • Transfer files without even establishing connections (uses FTP server for this)
  • Work together with your team to process your customer cases
  • Easily establish remote connections with older versions of TeamViewer
  • Enjoy optimised video performance and many more!

It is free for individual users, but if you want to use it for your business, you will need to purchase the commercial licence. All in all, TeamViewer 9 is useful software specifically designed for the people who need to establish remote connections very often.