If somebody needs an application that is flawless on security standards and high on connectivity parameters, then TeamViewer is the best option. The application is sure not to compromise on the security of the systems connected through internet. All the members are connected through this application as per convenience and accordingly proper care is taken to ensure that the security of the system is never at stake. The safe data channels and privacy standards are fully ensured by the service provider while installing the system on desired platforms. The said application has been a successful contender for winning the major security certifications and has also been able to work beyond unnecessary firewalls.

TeamViewer Respects the Necessary Protocol

Any organization is considered safe only when it comprises of leak-proof systems. The security of the organization is aptly assured by this networking application that screens all the IP addresses efficiently and does not allow the unidentified system to enter the network. The German quality evaluators have passed this application on all the security and quality parameters and recommended its use in environments like bank applications also where very highly secured systems are sought-after. Quality standards of encoding like AES (256 bit) and RSA key exchange for both public and private environments are adopted by this networking application.

The technology adopted by TeamViewer meets all the safety standards and is compatible to protocols like http and SSL that are prevalent in the today’s networking world.

Protected Access and Coded Signature Add to the Safety of the System

Partner ID and usernames are displayed within the networking team only and use of VeriSign codes to assign signatures takes the security of the network to the higher levels. The origin of the users is instantly verified with the coded signature feature and hence there is no need to bother about the security concerns related to the networking and internet environment.

The partner ID safety is further enhanced by the use of session passwords that need to be renewed every time the new chatting or connectivity session begins. This session password is also asked when the software requirements are changed and certain sharing actions like file or video transfers are performed by the user. GAD eG is one of the prime evaluators that have given their nod to the application of this connectivity software in various working environments.

Quality Awards Won by TeamViewer

Apart from qualifying for the quality certificates like ISO 9001:2008, the application has been able to meet the required standards set by German association of IT appraisers and assessors and awarded with full five stars for impeccable performance and unmatched features.

The German FIDUCIA IT AG also took the responsibility of assessing the quality of the software and awarded high points to it in terms of respecting protocol and meeting security requirements of the connected systems. The report presented by this assessor holds high regard because of their involvement in assessing the secured work environments like that of banking. TeamViewer is secure, fast and fool proof way to connect the required computer systems under common working environment.