Online Meeting

The best barrier breaker in terms of organizing online meetings and presentations is TeamViewer. Wherever the team is present, the speaker can make use of this exciting facility to ensure that each and every member of the audience is able to listen and see him beyond confusion and with ultimate clarity. The networking is made simpler with this application and all the IP addresses situated in various locations unite together on a single platform with the help of this networking application.

Take the Boardroom Beyond Walls

Simply installing this application on the host computer breaks all the barriers. All the presentations are made to the audience in such a manner as if they are gathered at one place. The speaker can make use of all the presenting techniques like video and audio communication, Whiteboard and sketches as well as images to bring forth the ideas clearly. There is no need for the speaker to wait for the audience to settle down or remain active while making presentation as the whole communication is made available on the connected computers like a file. Even those, who are on fly, can be the part of a meeting without waiting to reach the conference room.

Make Room for Instant as well as Scheduled Meetings

A team of up to 25 members can connect with each other instantly or as per the schedule for discussion and planning. The application works on iPhones and Android phones and it also enables members to attend the meetings while on the run. Those organizations that require regular meeting and sharing of thoughts and ideas use this software to carry out the activities in hassle-free fashion. Not a single piece of information escapes the notice of the application user as there is always a flexibility to refer to the content as per the convenience.

Arrange Meetings with a Click

The team members can be asked to attend the meeting just at a click by using TeamViewer application. The members can assemble or attend to the minutes of the meeting while travelling and can prepare themselves better for the ensuing challenges. There is no need to wait for the formal invitation or mail to be a part of an important activity of the organization. The meetings are made as real as possible with the help of screenshots, images and graphs and all these are accessible at work areas and at individual’s computer screens as well.

Work More Effectively

This application proves to be very effective in keeping the whole team together. They are all informed at the same wavelength and do not need to bother about the time and venue of the meeting. All the doubts and queries are resolved instantly through live communication and people often get a chance to voice their opinions whenever they want. The application is quite useful in sales presentations, board meetings, and general meetings and works quite effectively in extending the invitations to the meetings at any point of time. TeamViewer is sure to change the working style of any organization that needs important members to meet regularly.