TeamViewer is one of the most effective and efficient software that is used for online meetings and remote support. It has the ability to remotely control any MAC or PC in the internet in just few seconds. You can also use it if you want to do an important online meeting. In this article, you are going to know about some reasons or features due to which, most of the business associates prefer to use this amazing product.

TeamViewer is used to offer easy and clean to use interface. You can select whether you wish to remotely control your partners, share your computer’s desktop with your partner or just wanted to transfer files to another person without sharing of desktop. Its contact lists and magnetic computers allow instant teamwork. You can see the availability of your colleagues present at a click of mouse and then you are connected. The contact lists and computers are centrally stored and you can get access to any of the computer if you are using TeamViewer on.

All series of TeamViewer have the ability to transfer full file with folder and file copy. For utmost speed, all the data can be compressed automatically before transmission. The product provides lots of options so that it can customize the software and guides you how you can get it. You can also prioritize quality or speed for display, and still modify the invitation of e-mail that is sent to the partners. Your users can use the product with no admin rights or installation required. They can easily open the QuickSupport unit and then they are ready to start.

The QuickSupport option can be customized easily and quickly with your own greetings and logos. If you also incorporate contact lists and computers data, your partners will immediately come in your contacts and computers at the time when they launch QuickSupport. Moreover, your partners can be allowed for contact you through chat even earlier than establishing the remote session. By the help of TeamViewer, the access to unattended computers is not a difficult task. The mass module works as a system service that allows you to get access to home computers, servers or any other systems- including remote reboot and logout/login. The Host can be modified with your own text, colors and logo.

Unlike with other providers, TeamViewer allows you to install extra hosts at no additional cost. All you have to do is to buy the support license and then you can install as much hosts as you want. The product is specially designed for online meetings and presentations. Your participants can launch applications and can easily connect to your presentations.

The web connector is a perfect way for convenient controlling of remote computers from any kind of browsers. Since, the connector uses only Flash 10 and HTML, you can use the product in security serious environments, even when Java or ActiveX applications are not permitted. So, if you are looking for an online meeting provider along with numbers of features then nothing is better than TeamViewer.